College Life
Your first day of college! Through hard work and dedication, you've been accepted into the college of your dreams, and, boy, you can't wait to begin! Not only will you be getting a first rate education, but you'll be exposed to new experiences and cultures, and make friends that will last you a lifetime, as well. You'll expand your mind, and your horizons, since that is what college is all about! Aah, the sky is bright blue, the air crisp as a Macintosh apple, and the beautiful fall campus covered with brilliant ambers, golds, and vermillons. There'll be plenty of time to enjoy the splendors of the campus later, however. Now you have to check into your room. Boy, are you excited! You unload your things, say good-bye to your parents, and head off to find your dorm. On your way, you run into a group of your future classmates, who offer you a beer. What do you do?

Beer Count: 0
June was once named Junius, after the goddess of marriage and well-being, Juno. It started out with 30 days, but Numa Pompilius (the second king of Rome circa 700 BC) changed it to 29. Julius Caesar changed it back to 30 days in 46 BC. Tyler Akins <>
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