Interactive Games
Adrenaline Challenge (Flash) Ride your motorcycle to collect the green dots and make it to the exit.
Asteroids (Flash) One of the original arcade games. Who needs color? We only need three lines to display a whole starship!
Break It (Flash) You use your paddle to bounce a ball to break bricks. The game goes by several names, but this version has some neat effects to keep it interesting.
College Life Interactive Story Are you ready for college? Will you be able to balance partying and studying in order to graduate and still have a life? Or will the scales tip severely in one direction, leaving you branded as a nerd or a failure?
D-Fence (Flash) Protect your fort by shooting the invaders.
Flashzooids (Flash) A much prettier version of asteroids.
Freecell (Java) Fun card game that runs in your web browser as a Java applet.
Helicopter Game (Flash) Fly your helicopter through a tunnel and avoid the obstacles.
Hexxagon (Flash) Othello-like game where you can choose to either clone a piece to another cell or jump to a more distant cell. Nearby opponent pieces are then changed into ones for you. Great strategy board game.
Kitten Cannon (Flash) If you really don't like cats, this game is for you. Remember, you can not sue me if you do not like the contents – you have been warned!
Meal or No Meal (Flash) Similar to the "Deal or No Deal" show on television, this game uses plates of food instead of briefcases.
Pacman (Flash) A flash version of the original arcade game.
Penguin Baseball (Flash) A fun game of timing. How far can you whack the penguin?
Bloody Penguin (Flash) Just like Penguin Baseball, but a lot more gory. Do not use if you don't like the sight of carnage.
Raiden X Fly your ship around and blow up the bad guys.
Stick Man Sam 1 You play Sam, a stick man action hero. Run around, jump, and use your mouse to shoot things. Lots of fun!
Stick Man Sam 2 The sequel.
Stick Man Sam 3 More of the same, but different a bit.
Stick Man Sam 4 You mean you have finished all the other ones? Here's the next one.
Territory War (Flash) Play against another person or the computer and see who can conquery the enemy first.
Tetris (Flash) Provided for all of you tetris fans out there.
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