Fun Stuff

Bored at work? Trying to brighten your day? Or just need to kill some time?

I hope that this collection of fun things will keep you entertained for a bit.

American Idol How would the judges react to your performance if you were up on stage singing for them? Find out, without giving the rest of the world a chance to laugh at you.
Do-It-Yourself Country / Western Kit Effortlessly create the next #1 song on the Country charts with this handy page.
Games Fun things that I have found and put on my site to help you pass the time.
Images Go here and view a randomly funny picture.
Personality Tests Different personality tests and other things that are designed to entertain and possibly even give you a further insight on yourself.
Tongue Twisters A collection of various phrases that are challenging to say properly.
Trivia of the Day This is an archive of the trivia that gets put on the whiteboard at work. Trivia, fun facts, quotes, and other neat things are posted every day.
November was once the ninth month in the calendar. It started out with 30 days, but Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome circa 700 BC, changed the number of days in the month to 29. Julius Caesar changed it back to 30 in 46 BC. Tyler Akins <>
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