Software Projects and Downloads:
D&D Helper - Palm OS software to help speed up your Dungeons and Dragons campaign (or other type of dice-based system) by rolling dice, looking up information, and generating interesting things.
Java Puzzle Applet - Free puzzle applet that lets you easily add an image puzzle to your web site. Very customizable.
Marco - A set of surveyor programs that run on Palm OS, intended to replace outdated hardware and bulky laptops in the field.
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Interactive Games - Java applets and other things that I have found elsewhere
Personality Tests - Fun little multiple-choice questions that are intended to reveal information about yourself that you never thought of before.
Trivia and Fun Facts - An archive of the amazing trivia, facts, and the occasional quotes that are put up on a whiteboard at my work.
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Reference Materials:
D&D Resources - House rules and software used by our D&D sessions.
Email Information for - Useful information for people who use this machine as their email server.
Palm OS - Free programs, links to useful sites, etc.
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Web-Based Tools:
Ciphers - Simpler ciphers used to hide crafty messages.
SSH Applet - Need to log into a remote machine but you don't have an SSH client handy? On a loaner computer or can't install software? Just need to SCP that one file? Here you go!
Mailto Encoder - A safe way to put your email address on a web page and not have it harvested by spambots!
PJIRC - Java IRC applet, for those times that you need to chat and you are away from your normal IRC client.
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Washington Post's Style Invitational 2003 Winner:

Cashtration: The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.
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